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Residential property prices in Brazil rise in August and accumulate a 5.17% advance in 12 months.

Posted by GF on 17/10/2021

According to the FipeZap Index, 47 of the 50 monitored cities had an increase in the average sale price last month, 13 of which were above the inflation rate for consumers. Compared to the accumulated inflation by IPCA/IBGE (+10.22%), the FipeZap Index shows a fall of 4.59%, in real terms.

Real Estate price Rio de Janeiro

Average residential sale price: based on the sample of residential property ads for sale in September 2021, the average price calculated among the 50 cities monitored by the FipeZap Index was R$ 7,768/m². Among the 16 capitals monitored by the index, São Paulo presented the highest average price last month (R$9,622/m²), followed by Rio de Janeiro (R$9,604/m²) and Brasilia (R$8,544/m²). Among the capitals monitored with lower average value, it is worth mentioning: Campo Grande (R$ 4,436/m²), João Pessoa (R$ 4,766/m²) and Goiânia (R$ 4,933/m²).

Source: fipezap

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