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There is a new reality: Work from home can mean work from anywhere in the world connected to the internet. 

But there are many things to take into consideration when it comes to accommodation. You need a place, where you feel good, where you can cultivate creativity, productivity and efficiency with your craft.

We offer digital working nomads apartment rental, fully furnished apartments with working spaces, excellent WiFi, fully equipped kitchen, everything ready for you to get started. We are used to all kinds of expats, therefore our contracts are flexible and without any complicated terms, we are used to different payments methods and understand your requirements. 


Rental contracts

We offer contracts for short term rental (up to three month), mid term rental length (between three month and 1 year) and long term rental (1 year and more).

Our short and mid term rental contract are short contracts without complicated clauses. You pay the first month in advance and normally one month of security deposit. Of course we offer these contracts in Portugues, English and also in German. 

Why is WiFi in an apartment better as in a hotel

Most hotels have slow Wifi because you share your internet connection with many other guests or because your room is to distant from the next WiFi access point.
We offer high speed WiFi connection in all flats and in many  flats even Mesh Wifi. Here we installed several access points with newest Mesh technology. Automatically
you are always connected to the best access point, even when you walk around in the flat. Now you can make video calls, move from one room to the next and stay connected.

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