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The Real Estate Sales Process Walkthrough: From Listings to Closing

Submit a real estate listing

Enter your real estate property information by answering a series of questions and uploading some great pics. You’ll receive a free price estimate based on this information.

Homesinrio verification procedure

First we will ask you to show us your real estate.  This is important so that we get to know each other. 

If your idea of the selling price is very high and your timeline is very short, or vice versa, if the selling price is low, we will point it out to you.

After this we will perform up-front due diligence to prepare your listing for sale. We will gather key documents to give buyers confidence. 

Launch your real estate listing

We’ll create an attractive real estate listing for your flat or penthouse in Rio de Janeiro, make fotos, a video walk of the real estate and include all relevant details and documents. Finally we publish the real estate on

Receive offers and close

Manage your offers completely online. Once you accept a bid, we’ll coordinate the entire closing process. 

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