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“Brazil GOLDEN VISA” for Real Estate Investor

Brazil is one of the 12 largest economies. Its area is almost as big as the whole of Europe and it is a country with an unsurpassed joy of life, great climate, dream beaches, low cost of living and good food.

Discover and enjoy this country without restrictions with a special 4-year residence permit: The “Brazil GOLDEN VISA” for real estate investors.

Background: Foreigners from Europe are allowed to enter Brazil visa-free, but they can stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days during a six-month period. From October 1, 2023, the Brazilian government will resume entry visa requirements for citizens of four countries, including the United States. The other countries are Japan, Australia, and Canada. With this visa the stay in Brazil must not exceed 90 days within a single calendar year.

Exceeding this period leads to a (temporary) block of future entries and may result in deportation.

Main requirement for a Golden Visa for Real Estate Investor in Brazil

Purchase of a property worth at least 1 million BRL (approx. 200,000 EUR) in Rio de Janeiro. This amount must be transferred to Brazil from abroad and registered as an investment at the time of transfer. The investment must be maintained in order to keep the visa. 

Stay in Brazil: At least 14 days within every 2 years. These 14 days may be composed of several stays.

Note: Unlike many other countries, real estate can be purchased by non-residents in Brazil (almost) without restrictions. 

Advantages of the Golden Visa

  • Unlimited stay and any entry and exit in Brazil.
  • Obtaining a bras. Identity Card (CRNM Card – Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório, formerly RNE Card – Registro Nacional de Estrangeiro). With this card you have almost the same rights as a Brazilian, such as opening a bank account, driving license, mobile phone or other contracts with service providers.
  • You can bring your family with you, your spouse and dependent family members like children under 24 years and eventually parents.
  • Opening of a bank account in Brazil.

Within the validity of the visa of 4 years, based on the same investment, it is possible to apply for a for permanent residency in Brazil, also called VIPER (“Brazil Viper Visa” stands for VIsa PERmanent). After you’ve lived in Brazil as a permanent resident for four years, you can apply for Brazilian Citizenship. Brazil allows dual citizenship.

Timeline: Brazil GOLDEN VISA for Real Estate Investor
Timeline: Brazil GOLDEN VISA for Real Estate Investor

Note: The permanent visa in Brazil through real estate investment in Brazil (Golden Visa) is based on the so-called “Resolution 36” issued by the National Immigration Council in Brazil on October 9, 2018 as amended by Normative Resolution nº 46, dated December 9, 2021, of the National Immigration Council.

Note: Answers to common questions below.

We offer you support from the real estate search until you get your Golden Visa

From Rio de Janeiro real estate search, purchasing it, money transfer until obtaining a visa, a lot can go wrong. On each step we work with experienced partners, brokers, banks experts in wire transfers to obtain an investor visa (that guarantees the correct registration of the payment) and with law firms specialized in visas. You, as a client, talk to us and we take care of the process.

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    Common Questions concerning Brazil Golden Visa for real estate investors

    • What is the easiest way to obtain permanent residency in Brazil?

      Most definitely the purchase of a property in Brazil. There are much less conditions to follow here compared to other visas (Investor Visa through business acquisition, for example), not only when applying, but also after obtaining the 4-year Golden Visa required in the first step.

    • How do I transfer the payment for the real estate purchase to Brazil?

      Some rules must be observed. For example, the visa applicant must transfer the funds from his bank account, as a sole account holder. If there are two account holders, at least 2 million BRL must be transferred. Also, the transfer must be correctly registered by the receiving bank upon receipt of payment. An error on that will lead to a visa denial.

    • Can more than one person purchase a property together?
      Yes, but the minimum investment of each part owner who wants to apply for a visa must be at least 1 million BRL.
      The funds must be correctly transferred to Brazil from abroad and registered.

    • Can the property be financed?
      That is unusual for visa applications. However, it is possible as long as the basic investment of BRL 1 million required for the visa is transferred by the buyer from his personal account abroad. 

    • Examples of possible reasons for the rejection of applications for a Golden Visa in Brazil?
      1. The money must be transferred to Brazil from a bank registered with the Brazilian Central Bank. Transfer by means of non-official companies or payment apps will not be recognized
      2. The price of the property must be at least BRL 1 million and must not include costs such as commissions.
      3. Deadlines must be met during the visa process. Too slow responses can lead to rejection.
      4. The police clearance certificate must be unblemished.

    Note: The above text describes the process, but there are constant changes in the procedure and requirements for obtaining a visa. Therefore, we strongly advise against tackling this Golden Visa process yourself without the support of an experienced team.

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