Carnival in Rio in the Sambadrome

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Star architect Oscar Niemeyer designed Sambodromo street specially for the Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro. The best samba schools of Brazil compete for the honor of winning. Preparations for this top event are going on throughout the whole year and represent for many participants their purpose in life. Each samba school participates with around 4’000 members at this competition including 200 to 400 drummers. Even though many regard Carnival in Rio as very touristy – and it certainly is very different from the more traditional Carnival in the North of Brazil – you should by no means miss this unforgettable experience.

In case you find the tickets for Carnival on Sunday and Monday are too expensive we recommend to participate in the event on Saturday after Carnival. This is the day when the winners parade takes place with a defile of the samba groups ranked top five. On this evening you don’t share the competition but the event is by no means less spectacular and the tickets are far cheaper.

How to get to the Sambadrome during Carnival

The Sambadrome is located near two subway stops, and the stop at which you get off to arrive to the Sambadrome will differ based on your sector,
with even sector exiting the subway at the Praça Onze subway station and odd-numbered sectors exiting at the Central subway station.

Even-numbered sectors: Exit Metro Rio at a station called “Estação Praça Onze”.

Odd-numbered sectors Get off the Metro Rio at the “Central” subway station.

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Carnival dates

Carnival in Rio 2025:
Saturday, march 1 – tuesday, march 04
Winner parade: saturday, march 08

Carnival in Copacabana

The neighborhood of Copacabana never stops, and even less so during Carnival!
If you are thinking of enjoying Carnival in Copacabana, you can join the street parties named blocos. They are the sould of the Carnival in Rio and the most popular happen in the neighborhoods Copacabana, Leblon, Ipanema, Jardim Botanico and Lagoa as well as downtown.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana street parade
Carnival street party in Copacabana

Holiday apartment rental at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

During Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, most apartments (and also hotel rooms) are only rented for a minimum of 5, 7 or 10 nights. The higher prices usually apply from the Wednesday before Carnival until the Sunday after the “winner parade”. You should book an apartment early (about two to three month in advance) as demand is very high at this time.
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