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Webcam Forte de Copacabana

The Copacabana Fort is that charming little place in Rio that you can’t miss.
On the left corner of the beach (height of Post 6), it was built in the beginning of the 20th century to protect the city.

Today, as a cultural space, it is known as the Army Historical Museum and Copacabana Fort and receives about thirty-five thousand people a month.

One of the main attractions is the Fortification with external walls facing the sea, 12 meters thick, which houses the German Krupp cannons,
seated on armored and revolving domes. There are two 305 mm cannons, which could reach targets 23 km away, two 190 mm cannons and two 75 mm cannon towers.

The good thing is to sit down in the cafes that the fort houses and enjoy the incredible view to Sugar Loaf and Copacabana Beach.

The Copacabana Fort is open from Tuesday to Sunday and holidays, from 10am to 7:30pm (Army Historical Museum, Fortification and exhibitions until 6pm).

Tickets cost R$ 6 and R$ 3 (half), but the entrance is free on Tuesdays!

During FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014, as well as the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016 the Copacabana Fort was used as Open Media Center . From there all national and international press reported about the tournaments.

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For several years now, Posto 6 in Copacabana has established itself as an attractive place for countless sports.

In the morning, in almost any weather, countless swimmers take their laps in the sea. They are accompanied by instructors on stand up paddles.
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Stand Up Paddle in Copacabana (Posto 6)
Propably the best places to practice the stand up paddle in Rio de Janeiro is at post 6 in Copacabana, well attached to the Copacabana Fort.
Every day you can find several companies (that have stalls with SUPs to rent) at the beach without much difficulty.

This region is perfect because the sea is very calm here and it is easy to go to the bottom of the Copacabana Fort.

The demand of people wanting to do stand up is so great there that you will hardly practice this water sport alone.

In general, companies rent the SUP for 30 minutes or for one hour.

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